Associate Opportunities at Servispart Consulting

It Could Be You?

Specialist in Aftersales, Parts or Service Support

Working as a freelance consultant? Want more?

As well as delivering quality solutions for your clients, you need to market your business, generate sales, manage clients, invoice and collect cash, manage subcontractors, etc.

If the opportunity to do all these things is one of the reasons you love freelancing, then great. If not, these things are more likely to be a pain in your anatomy and get in the way of what you enjoy doing most – delivering consulting solutions. Whether you enjoy them or not, these activities require different skills, different knowledge and a significant amount of your time.

But what if you could work as a freelance consultant and enjoy the benefits of working with a larger organisation without any of the pains or drawbacks?

Partnering with Servispart Consulting as one of our associates could provide you with one or more of the following benefits:

  • earn a referral fee or proportion of income for work that you choose not to do yourself e.g. because it is not your expertise; because it may be too large for you to do on your own or simply because it clashes with other client commitments and there’s only one you;

  • access a broader pool of expertise so you can undertake bigger projects for your clients;

  • access a wider variety of work in associated industry sub-sectors to broaden your experience;

  • work as part of a team on larger projects to increase variety and learn from other like-minded consultants;

  • operate under a stronger brand image to leverage our marketing and sales capabilities and appear bigger than you are;

  • minimise gaps between projects to help more people, earn more income and avoid the freelance feast and famine rollercoaster!

Servispart Consulting can provide you with flexible solutions to all this and more. If you’d like to explore things further, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Contact us now or complete the form on our team page to explore how we could work together to achieve our shared vision.