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We work with like-minded companies that share our purpose of advancing aftermarket excellence and servitisation for OEMs and parts businesses in the engineered capital equipment sector

Our team of strategy experts take the time to understand your business, goals and appetite for risk before recommending any action.

Unlike other strategy consultants, we are practitioners too, so we are equally comfortable with helping you to implement our agreed recommendations and supporting you afterwards to ensure the expected benefits are delivered…in full!


Diagnose issues and understand needs


Vision, programme and business case


Support implementation of your strategy


Strategic advice, recovery and health checks

Servitisation Strategy

Considering servitisation but struggling to justify the business case?

Need people with strong servitisation experience, know-how and credibility?

Like some help and ideas to overcome obstacles and challenges?

Servitisation Strategy for OEMs and Parts Manufacturers

Understanding the servitisation opportunities for your manufacturing and/or parts business is a complicated process needing a strong understanding of the engineered product aftermarket.

Company leaders struggle to understand how servitisation can benefit them or recruit inexperienced people without the know-how or skills to manage a manufacturing service transformation. The result is continued product commoditisation, margin erosion, missed opportunities and embarrassing, costly failures. But things will be different if you work with us.

Our experts take a 360° view of your servitisation opportunities, requirements, capabilities, aspirations and opportunities along the 4 strategic dimensions of our 4Ps methodology. In just 2-4 weeks or less, you will have a strategy, plan and business case with quick win customer opportunities and linked capability development projects.

Aftermarket Strategy

Looking to sell more parts and aftermarket support services but not sure how?

Want proven ideas and strategies from industry sectors similar to yours?

Like some experienced help to think it all through, make progress and avoid mistakes?

Aftersales operations of most parts and equipment manufacturers underperform, losing 75% of their customer’s spend to third party competitors. It’s time for you to fight back!

Serving aftermarket customers is more complex than those for original parts and equipment. Are they buying products or services? How do we keep in touch? How can we compete with third parties on price? What do customers really want? The aftermarket can be very competitive and feel like the Wild West at times. But there are proven solutions in them there hills!

Our team of experts take a 360° view of your aftermarket opportunities, analysing requirements, capabilities, aspirations and opportunities along the 4 strategic dimensions of our 4Ps methodology. In just 2-4 weeks or less, you will have a strategy, plan and business case with quick win customer opportunities and linked capability development projects.

Aftermarket Strategy Consulting

Aftermarket Benchmarking

Want to make sure you have the service capabilities to support your servitisation strategy?

Looking to benchmark your parts and service capability against best practice?

Want to know where you have capability gaps compared with competitors?

Servitisation, aftermarket and parts management benchmarking for manufacturers and distributors

Business success and growth relies on competitiveness. But getting an objective view of how your own aftermarket capabilities compare against competitors or industry best-practice is difficult, if not impossible. Quite simply, you can’t read the label from inside the jar!

Independent benchmarking is the answer. But there’s never been a way to benchmark the servitisation or aftermarket capabilities of OEMs or parts businesses. Until we developed it!

Servispart is THE ONLY consultancy with the specialist aftermarket and servitisation know-how and best practice knowledge to develop a proprietary tool like Aftermarket 360 to benchmark your business quickly and affordably. Spend just 2 days with us to get an independent, objective assessment of all your aftermarket capabilities and servitisation opportunities.

Why Work With Us?

You can have total confidence you will be delighted with our service and results we deliver, which will reflect positively on you. But don’t just take our word for it…

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Our Values


Our team combines strategy, transformation and digital IT expertise from the functional disciplines of marketing, sales, manufacturing operations, supply chain and logistics to give a practical edge and holistic approach to our advice and solutions.


Unlike many other consultancies, we are independently owned and not tied to any accountancy, software, technology or third party service providers either. All our advice is intentionally unbiased, commercially sound and in your best interests (rather than ours).


It’s tough at the top. We know because we’ve been there and we operate at your senior peer level. You just want the facts and the truth as quickly as possible so you can make the right decisions to deal with it. That’s why we are open, honest and straight-talking.


We understand it is your business, not ours. We advise but you make the decisions. We work with you, at your pace, to develop workable strategies and solutions and help you implement them to deliver the expected benefits without the worries and embarrassing failures!

Advice on its own is useless. Strategies and solutions aren’t much better. Only implementing actions delivers benefits.

That’s why we don’t just sell you advice and disappear. We work with you to deliver end results.

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