A short, value packed process that provides all the answers you’ll need to grow and realise lasting value in your parts business

What it covers:

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    An evaluation of your parts business in its current state

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    A clear understanding of your aftermarket business strengths and weaknesses compared with recognised best practice

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    A realistic target of what your parts business could achieve in months or years if you were to bridge the gaps

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    A plan to make your parts business more competitive, faster growing and more attractive to shareholders or future buyers

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    Immediate 3-month quick hits and recommended growth actions for the next 12+ months

As a process, it is an expert led leadership level workshop, usually over 2 days, using a proprietary parts business evaluation methodology and a unique aftermarket performance benchmarking tool called Aftermarket 360™

Who is it for?

Established parts businesses that want a growth strategy, exit strategy or to improve performance

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Parts Manufacturers

Equipment Dealers, Parts Distributors, Retailers and Logistics Providers

Equipment Maintainers, Repairers, Fleet Managers and Users

Why it works

Service Growth Accelerator is the most advanced, scientific-based process ever created for growing aftermarket parts businesses

Over 200+ years of combined expertise and know-how encapsulated into a unique, proprietary diagnostic service

Our proprietary Aftermarket 360™ tool identifies capability gaps and solutions to drive stronger growth

Measures your progress against 10 growth levers and 80 capability indicators of aftermarket best practice

“Be in no doubt, you will leave this process with your big questions answered and workable growth solutions.”

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Powered by Servispart’s Aftermarket 360™

At the heart of our Servispart Growth Accelerator is our proprietary Aftermarket 360™ toolset. This groundbreaking knowledge system combines research about you and your customers with proprietary know-how and industry best practice data from our ongoing aftermarket research. The results allow us to benchmark your firm against high growth companies and identify opportunities to position your firm for faster growth.

How it works


We guarantee the value you will get from your investment in the SGA


We agree the outcome you wish to experience, how we will measure success, and what benefits you expect from the process


Under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), you provide us with some financial and operational data about your parts business


Our Aftermarket 360™ benchmarking tool is pre-loaded with your data, so we can arrive at the workshop fully informed and ready to go

Workshop Day One

Where we are now and what we will build on


We work our way through 80 capability indicators measuring your parts business maturity, from poor to best practice


Output from the benchmark is analysed to identify operational risks and unlock growth opportunities


Assessment output is also fed into our proprietary valuation model to produce a current state market valuation

Workshop Day Two

The art of the possible and how best to get there

Action Plan

We identify and agree value growth actions to address priority capability needs and improve your risk score

Impact Analysis

We estimate and agree the financial impact of value growth actions on your P&L, balance sheet or cash flow


We re-model your future state market valuation with those value growth actions completed


Taking Action


We produce a summary presentation of our recommendations with finalised implementation plan

Next Steps

If you want our help to implement or govern/assure your plan then we’ll agree next steps for doing that


We will never be far away if you need a quick answer to a problem or challenge and you can contact us at any time

What results can you expect?

A small section of our clients from different industry sectors

and what they have achieved through working with us


We’ve learned over the last 30 years how to package know-how and leverage intellectual property (IP) in a business. Doing that effectively means concentrating a process that would normally take days, weeks or months for other consultancies, into a short intervention supported by packaged IP. By doing this, a consulting firm like Servispart can deliver extremely high value with repeatable quality. You are buying outcomes, not time. That’s why IP leverage is also one of the things we look at in our SGA process with you.

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes from Small and Medium Enterprises/Businesses (SME/SMB) to large corporates. For the SGA to be of benefit you need to have an established parts business. If you are an early-stage start-up or too small, then there are other fundamental priorities that precede the need for an SGA. However you can never be too big. We have run SGAs to evaluate aftermarket parts and service businesses within multi-billion multi-national companies and used it in many different ways over the years. In all cases, the benefits have far outweighed the costs.

If we think this is likely to happen, e.g. because you don’t have the information we need or your leadership team doesn’t have the conviction to implement the plan post SGA, then we advise not to do it. Some would say that there is success in discovering that a drive for growth is ‘not for me’ so let’s just concentrate on running a lifestyle business. On our side, we guarantee the value of your investment in the SGA, so if for some reason we have not delivered the value we agreed before we started, then we will fix it, or refund the full fee.

There is no doubt that we have seen the greatest success when the company leadership team demonstrates full conviction and embeds the 10 growth levers of Aftermarket 360™ into its operating plan and cascades implementation responsibility to all key people, thereby systematically and progressively pushing towards best practice in the priority areas.

Ultimately, success is down to you! All those who stay focused on the delivery of their agreed plan have gone on to achieve their goals. We can help you with this if you want us to. Sadly, though, some clients inevitably become distracted or good intentions are overtaken by other things, like key people leaving or joining, mergers, takeovers or acquisitions, or industry environment changes beyond everyone’s control. However, where strong governance is deployed and maintained, issues like these can still be overcome and your goals achieved.

We provide lots of testimonials and case studies from our clients in all of our sales literature, which is one of the reasons why it is our policy not to provide client references. The main reason though, is because we don’t believe it is our client’s job (or yours in future if you become a Servispart client) to do our selling job for us. We will answer any relevant questions you have and provide all the evidence we can. We also provide a full money back guarantee for all new clients undertaking an SGA.

The simple answer is an obvious question – why would you want to put off something that will drive immediate and long term value? We recognise there are certain events in any company that could reduce the value of an SGA if done in the wrong order, but if you have a genuine desire to achieve the sort of outcomes discussed in this guide, then there really is nothing that should get in the way.

Running the SGA in a face to face environment is ideal and we travel all over the world from our UK base to deliver it. However where this is not practical or when the client prefers, we deliver it via web conference. Also, if your leadership team is geographically spread, it can save you a lot of travel time and costs too.

This depends on your particular circumstances. We have run it for a single owner/CEO and for larger teams spanning multiple locations. The most important people to include are those whom you trust and NEED to buy into the growth plan, usually the board or executive leadership team of your parts business.

“We’re always happy to answer your questions if you’d like to contact us.”

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Ready to accelerate growth in your parts business?

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