Service Parts Logistics Capability Development

Service Parts LogisticsService parts logistics is not the same as manufacturing logistics. Aftermarket involves a wider variety of different part numbers, sourced from a greater number of suppliers and distributed to a larger number of end customers. Each of these dimensions brings its own characteristics that help to make service parts logistics much more complex than manufacturing logistics.

Sourcing and supply of non-current service parts, minimum batch sizes, obsolete materials and components bring logistical challenges. Time-critical warehousing and distribution, often on a multi-echelon, worldwide basis within 24 hours utilising multiple modes of transport over air, land and sea brings challenges too.

Our consultants are specialists in diagnosing the root causes of service parts logistics problems in aftermarket operations. We are hybrid business/system consultants familiar with modern aftermarket logistics systems and processes, bringing our own proprietary methods, tools and techniques to fix your problems and develop or improve your parts logistics capability. You can check out our other services here.

We can help you to:

  • Analyse and fix service parts logistics problems

  • Increase end to end visibility and control

  • Improve service parts warehouse operations

  • Improve service parts transport and distribution

  • Improve parts logistics processes

  • Improve or replace parts logistics systems

  • Outsource your service parts logistics operations

Realise these benefits:

  • Cut logistics process times and costs

  • Eliminate logistics bottlenecks and delays

  • Lean your end-to-end service parts supply chain

  • Reduce customer backorders

  • Reduce supplier arrears

  • Reduce customer and supplier returns

  • Reduce service parts storage space


The innovative programme that streamlines your end to end service parts supply chain

We call it Fast & Lean Parts Machine

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Fast Lean Parts Machine Programme

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