The unique programme that rethinks your business model and dramatically increases service profits

We call it Service Growth Accelerator

Product and process innovation is no longer enough for today’s manufacturers of engineered parts and equipment.

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"The unique programme that rethinks your business model and dramatically increases service profits"
Service Growth Accelerator

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to find out how leading manufacturers are now generating 50% to 80% of their profits from services, locking out competitors and enjoying closer customer relationships!

Why smart manufacturers are evolving their business model

It’s a fact that today’s customers don’t want to buy and own your engineered products any longer.  Don’t get me wrong – they like your products.  It’s just that:

  • they don’t want to own them

  • or maintain them

  • or buy spare parts for them

  • or insure them

  • or have the bother of selling them when they want to access the latest technology.

And they especially don’t like financing the upfront capital purchase of your products or the expensive lumpy maintenance bills or the surprise repair costs or the ever-growing insurance premiums.  Quite frankly, owning your product is like having a chronic pain in their proverbial!

No wonder manufacturers are developing their service capabilities

What today’s businesses and consumers do want is the capability that your product gives them.  They also want it available to them when they need it.  And they are happy to pay for having that capability and availability.  They just don’t want the pain, inconvenience and financial commitment that comes with ownership of your product.  In short, the product ownership model is extinct (or soon will be).

But there’s no law that says a manufacturing business can’t offer services too.  In fact, today’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Tier 1 parts suppliers are making more than 50% of their total revenues from services rather than products:

  • Their service revenues and profits are accelerating.

  • They are out-competing their peers.

  • Their customers are staying with them for longer.

  • They enjoy longer-term, stable and predictable cash flows.

  • And their equity to earnings multiple has risen as a result.

At Servispart Consulting, we have developed a comprehensive “Service Growth Accelerator” programme to help you grow your service business faster, leapfrog your low-cost competitors and retain your customers for life without cutting your prices, moving your manufacturing operations overseas or chaining up your customers!

What can you expect?

Whilst results vary and are entirely dependent on your own business situation and your willingness to implement our recommendations, some of the likely outcomes include:

  • Increased service revenues

  • Increased service profits

  • Greater predictability of earnings and cash flows

  • Enhanced competitive advantage

  • Increased customer loyalty

  • Greater business longevity

How it works

Our Service Growth Accelerator consists of three key phases:

Service Profits Breakthrough

Utilise a variety of strategic and analytical modelling techniques to identify realistic targets for your manufacturing services business.

Service Growth Acceleration

Discover your customer’s untapped service needs and opportunities on 4 key dimensions.

Profit Exploitation Blueprint

Explore and identify the best strategy with a practical action plan to achieve your targeted exploitation opportunities.

Service Growth Accelerator Fact Sheet

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