Parts Data Management Capability Development

Parts Data ManagementParts data management is at the heart of every successful aftermarket parts business. Most manufacturers are usually quite disciplined in managing their engineering data and master parts data supporting their manufacturing processes because product quality and warranty depends on it. However, that discipline often goes out the window when parts become non-current and sold as aftermarket service parts only.

Master parts data, service bills of material, serviceable and non-serviceable items, service instruction sheets, parts data lists, parts catalogues, parts logistics data, obsolete supply sources, supersessions, alternatives, customer part numbers, etc. all bring their own special challenges.

Multiply this complexity by the sheer volume and variety of different part numbers needed to be kept on file throughout the aftermarket lifecycle of your equipment or component assemblies and it quickly gets overwhelming. What’s the point in maintaining all this stuff anyway when so many of the parts are slow moving or don’t seem to move at all? Service parts data management might be tedious and boring to some people but it is absolutely necessary and deserves to be done properly.

Our consultants are specialists in diagnosing the root causes of service parts data problems in aftermarket parts businesses and ensuring service parts data is managed effectively. We are hybrid business/system consultants familiar with modern product data management systems and processes, able to fix problems or improve your parts data management capability.

We can help you to:

  • Analyse and fix parts data management problems

  • Increase parts data visibility and control

  • Improve parts data management processes

  • Improve parts technical customer services

  • Improve or replace parts data management systems

  • Outsource your service parts data management

Realise these benefits:

  • Reduce new parts introduction lead time

  • Improve parts data accuracy and completeness

  • Reduce technical parts obsolescence

  • Reduce technical parts queries

  • Improve service parts catalogues

  • Improve technical service information


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