Do You Have A Strong Enough Capability Strategy?

To meet evolving customer needs?

To keep up with competitors?

To exploit the latest technologies?

As customer needs change, competitors become stronger and technology continues to advance at an ever faster rate, your business capabilities need to evolve too.  But which capabilities?  How do they need developing?  What is the best way to develop them?

To answer these questions and unlock opportunities, you need a Capability Strategy.  We can help you with that.

Servitisation of military aircraft


Develop a strategy to servitise your manufacturing business


Internet of Things (IOT)


Develop a strategy to integrate intelligent products with your service offerings


Field Service Management


Develop a strategy to enhance customer service with mobile field service operations


We work with you to identify your capability strengths and gaps between what you have and what you will need to achieve your goals.  We then turn that analysis into a structured capability strategy and action plan for your aftermarket business to follow.

If you need help with developing the new capabilities, implementing them or managing the business change – we can help with that too.

Do You Have a Strong Enough Servitisation Strategy?

To capture more revenue from your installed product base?

To increase revenue stability and higher profit margins?

To start locking in your customers and locking out your competitors?

Servitisation of military aircraft

These days, growing a manufacturing business is not just about engineering, manufacturing and selling more products with a few service add-ons.  The fastest growing manufacturing businesses have learned to configure their product/service offerings into holistic output-based solutions that deliver significantly more value for their customers.

There is a wide range of service support solution models in existence today, not just for complete original equipment such as cars, trucks, aeroplanes, military equipment, industrial machinery, etc. but for their major assemblies and sub-systems too.  Matching your customer needs to your business’ strengths and competitor’s weaknesses to create affordable, differentiable offerings is not easy and getting it wrong can be very costly.

Our consultants have been helping manufacturers to servitise their businesses since 1997.

Let us show you how.

Do You Have A Strategy For The Internet of Things (IoT)?

To provide customers with better asset uptime and fewer breakdowns?

To capture a greater proportion of your customer’s service spend?

To create customer service propositions that put your third party service competitors out of business?

What impact will the Internet of Things have on your service business?  You might be tempted to leave it to the engineers – after all, it’s their job to add new gizmos to your products right?  WRONG!  Yes, this is technology centred and involves product development but the potential impact on your service offerings can be transformational.

More intelligent products with built-in health and usage monitoring is the enabler.  How you interpret and analyse all of that data to create useful information and then integrate it with your aftermarket services to create proactive, higher-value, customer-focused service solutions is the ultimate prize.  Done correctly, this can be a great source of customer service innovation.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Our consultants have been helping manufacturers to exploit the latest aftermarket technology since 1987.

Let us show you how.

Do You Have Strong Field Service Management Capability?

To improve First Time Fix rates and reduce warranty costs?

To improve customer loyalty and your customer’s service experience?

To turn engineer visits into revenue generating opportunities?

Field Service Management

Every contact with your customer is a “moment of truth” especially when it is triggered by a negative customer experience such as a product breakdown or part failure.  The speed, quality and repeatability of your recovery response is paramount and requires solid information systems, helpful staff and robust business processes.  However, that’s a given in today’s competitive environment.

The best manufacturers are using the latest field service management technology to plan, manage and optimise the logistics of getting the right engineer with the right parts to the right customer at the right time, every time, to reduce overall costs.  This is even more crucial for servitised manufacturers offering extended warranty and business to business service contracts where the monthly premiums are fixed and the parts and repairs costs eat into your profit margin.

Our consultants have been helping manufacturers to exploit the latest service technology since 1987.

Let us show you how.

Want Some Help With Your Capability Strategy Development?

Follow a proven strategy development process, incorporating innovative ideas from a number of aftermarket sectors, led by consultants with deep industry and problem-centred expertise.

We work with you to identify your capability strengths and gaps between what you have and what you need to achieve your goals.  We then work with you to turn that analysis into a structured capability strategy and action plan for you to follow.

Standard Services

  • Explore customer needs

  • Explore your competitive differentiators

  • Explore new technology opportunities

  • Explore integrated product/service alternatives

  • Identify capability strengths and gaps

  • Synthesise into a capability development strategy

  • Develop a practical action plan

Aftermarket capability development strategy

Optional Bolt-On Services

  • Explore Target Operating Models

  • Explore commercial business models

  • Explore financial funding options

  • Specify new capability requirements

  • Identify capability partner requirements

  • Cost and benefit analysis

  • Build the business case

If you’d like some help with developing new capabilities, implementing them or managing your business change – we can help with that too.

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