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Business Winning Bid SupportSelling parts, services and long-term service contracts into the aftermarket is not the same as selling new equipment or selling batches of parts to OEMs. This is one of the reasons why the average manufacturer is only capturing 25% of their customer’s available spend. How much is your after sales business winning capability costing you in lost sales, profits and customers?

The long aftermarket lifecycle for engineered equipment provides a huge growth opportunity for manufacturers to win long-term support service contracts, lock in customers, lock out competitors and boost order books, margins and equity ratios. However, for most manufacturers, winning service contracts requires new skills, capabilities and commercial business models.

Our consultants are aftermarket business winning specialists. We not only know how to win long-term service contracts but we know how to develop the business winning capabilities of our clients too. In our experience, it requires a holistic capability approach, not just a narrow focus on sales, marketing and bid management.

We can help you to:

  • Discover your customer’s untapped needs

  • Identify your competitor’s achilles heel

  • Craft your silver bullet success formula

  • Design winning support solutions

  • Construct robust pricing formula for tender bids

  • Manage and support your tenders and contract bids

  • Independently review your tender process and bids

Realise these benefits:

  • End a long losing streak of unsuccessful bids

  • Start beating your arch-rivals for the first time

  • Boost sales and contract win rates

  • Reduce bidding costs

  • Win more high margin business

  • Build the capability of existing bid teams

  • Start winning longer-term service support contracts


The innovative programme that crafts your success formula and boosts win rates

We call it Bid Winning Champion

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