Want To Win More Service Contracts?

Becoming a champion at anything, much like winning gold at the Olympics, is not something that just happens by accident or when it’s your turn to win.  It involves doing the right training, consuming the right things and becoming proficient by practicing until it hurts.  That alone might be enough for most competitors but it is nowhere near enough if you want to become an Olympic champion.

To be the best at a key point in time also involves getting the right support to learn the art of winning, how to out-think your competitors, develop a winning strategy for each competition, develop mental resilience, etc.  It’s a fact that Olympic champions and top sports people never get there on there own.

So it is with bidding and winning new business contracts.  Sales/bid teams that have not yet learned how to win consistently usually follow the right process, do most of the right things, manage their bid team effectively, respond to the tender document properly, and so on. But critically, they never get to win and feel what it’s like to be the bid winning champions that their company so badly needs them to be.

Who Is This for?

Whether your business is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), a Tier 1 parts supplier, or a service provider for OEMs and Tier 1s, your business is not going to grow very fast or last very long if your sales team can’t win new business.

It’s also a fact that the leading equipment manufacturers are making more than 50% of their revenues from selling aftermarket support services and integrated product/service contracts.  Depending on your industry, you might know these as:

  • Contracting for Capability (CfC) contracts

  • Contracting for Availability (CfA) contracts

  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) contracts

  • Equipment Support Service (ESS) contracts

  • Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) contracts

  • Product Support Service contracts

  • Logistics Service contracts

  • etc.

Whether you’re just getting started bidding for contract opportunities, entering a new product/service market, entering the public sector (e.g. Defence, emergency services, NHS) or have been struggling for a while and getting to the point where you’re considering giving up – we can help.

To help manufacturers and their service providers to win a higher % of support service contracts that they tender for, boost long-term profits and enjoy more sales success, we have developed our “Bid Winning Champion Success Formula” with a combination of diagnostic, modelling, planning, mentoring and team improvement features.

What Benefits Can You Expect?

Whilst results vary and are entirely dependent on your own business situation and your willingness to implement our recommendations, some of the results we’ve delivered previously include:

  • Ending a 3-year losing streak and beating arch-rival competitors for the first time

  • Boosting win rates from 0% to more than 50% in under 12 months

  • Taking a private sector aftermarket service business into the public sector and winning Government contracts

  • Creating brand new bid teams for manufacturers in a variety of product sectors

  • Building the capability of existing bid teams to reduce bidding costs and boost win rates

How It Works

Our Bid Winning Champion Success Formula consists of three key phases:

Discover Your Genius

Identify the critical success factors for success, map against your current capabilities and identify your key strengths and areas for improvement.

Silver Bullet Formula

Develop your winning strategy, organise around your key strengths, neutralise your weaknesses and prepare to win your next competition.

Bid Winning Champion

Coaching and support of your bid team to implement the new success strategies and skills until they win more often and achieve our agreed results.

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