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Manufacturers can’t survive much longer just on sales of new equipment and parts alone.  Traditional revenue streams are getting squeezed as engineered equipment markets mature on a global basis.  Manufacturers therefore need to find new ways to compete and grow.  Fortunately, there’s a huge untapped profit opportunity going begging right now because the average manufacturer is currently capturing only 25% of its customer’s available spend.  If this sounds like your business and you want to start capturing your missing 75%, then you need a better aftermarket strategy.

An aftermarket business is predominantly people-centric and service oriented, not product oriented like your manufacturing business.  Hence, the processes, systems, organisation and partner capabilities required to run a successful aftermarket business are not the same as those for manufacturing.  That said, there’s no need to throw the baby out with the bath water.  You just need a proven way of identifying your transferable capability strengths, plugging your capability gaps and planning for action.

Our consultants are specialists in aftermarket strategy, capability modelling and service growth.  We are all senior-level practitioners as well as strategists and possess the proprietary capability models, maturity assessments and proven techniques to assess your unique situation, devise your optimal aftermarket strategy and growth action plan extremely quickly and cost-effectively.

We can help you to:

  • Identify aftermarket strengths and weaknesses

  • Discover customer’s untapped aftermarket needs

  • Identify aftermarket capability gaps

  • Derive your optimal aftermarket strategy

  • Develop your aftermarket business case

  • Reduce the risks that threaten your aftermarket growth

  • Review and recover a failing aftermarket programme

Realise these benefits:

  • Increase aftermarket revenues and profits

  • Enhance aftersales customer service performance

  • Increase customer loyalty and customer retention

  • Capture more of your customer’s spending

  • Increase predictability of earnings and cash flows

  • Grow your equity to earnings multiple


The innovative programme that discovers your aftermarket genius and grows your business

We call it Aftermarket 360™

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