Aftermarket Process Improvement

Aftermarket Process ImprovementAftermarket process improvement should not be done by lean manufacturing consultants because manufacturing processes and aftermarket processes are obviously not the same. Operating an aftermarket business using processes intended for manufacturing would be stupid wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, that’s what most manufacturers do, more or less, and it’s costing your business enormously in lost sales, lost profits and lost customers.

Fundamentally, an aftermarket business is people-centric whereas a manufacturing business is product-centric. This is because aftermarket is a service business, not a product business. The data requirements are also different and the system used to run an aftermarket business therefore needs to be different to that for manufacturing. Customers also interact with your aftersales team differently to how they interact with manufacturing and new product sales so it follows that your aftermarket business processes must also be different.

Our consultants are specialists in fixing, analysing, mapping and improving processes in aftermarket parts and service businesses. We are hybrid business/system consultants familiar with modern lean, value mapping and process analysis methods and we are experienced in applying them in aftermarket parts and service businesses quickly and cost-effectively.

We can help you to:

  • Diagnose and resolve process performance problems

  • Design and re-engineer business processes

  • Manage process improvement projects and programmes

  • Control and manage risks with business process changes

  • Better engage stakeholders in process improvements

  • Resolve outsourced business process problems

  • Ensure processes deliver measurable business benefits

Realise these benefits:

  • Reduce process lead times

  • Increase throughput and capacity

  • Cut process costs

  • Improve process quality and consistency

  • Improve aftersales customer service

  • Increase aftermarket competitiveness

  • Increase aftermarket margins and revenue


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