The innovative programme that discovers your aftermarket genius and grows your business

We call it Aftermarket 360™

Servispart Consulting’s Aftermarket 360 Assessment provides manufacturers of engineered products with an unbiased, independent 360º view of your aftermarket business or transformation programme.

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"The innovative programme that discovers your aftermarket genius and grows your business"
Aftermarket 360™

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to find out how you can cut costs, enhance customer service and boost aftermarket sales revenues – often with a payback period of less than 1 year and an investment return of 25x or greater!

Personal development angle unlocks big profit opportunity

At Servispart Consulting, on the back of 30 years of experience working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), parts manufacturers and distributors and aftermarket service providers, we recognised that aftermarket is not just about process improvement but is naturally human-centric.

We therefore decided to research the latest personal development 360 techniques used to construct insightful, life-changing, personal development plans for management staff and applied our findings to an aftermarket business instead.

Complexities of aftermarket can be unlocked

As well as providing innovative new 360 techniques, our research also highlighted a major stumbling block.

Many manufacturers are looking to develop their aftermarket business but they shy away from it because they find it incredibly complex, overwhelming and don’t know what to focus on to improve it.

What manufacturing leaders therefore need most, much like a personal 360, is an actionable aftermarket improvement plan that is built from a comprehensive, unbiased, structured analysis approach.

That’s why we developed Aftermarket 360.

Hands-on insightful approach delivers new information

Our innovative Aftermarket 360 utilises a comprehensive aftermarket business maturity model, a powerful capability assessment tool and an optional, independent verification process to uncover factual evidence and much more powerful, experiential insights from all sides of your business.

Early results demonstrate the power of Aftermarket 360

Whilst business results vary from company to company, some of the incredible benefits already delivered include:

Process Lead Time Reduction

Parts Inventory Reduction

Parts Availability Improvement

Customer Backorder Reduction

Supplier Arrears Reduction

Receiving Queries Reduction

Logistics WIP Reduction

Product Support Cost Reduction

Aftermarket 360 Fact Sheet

The innovative programme that discovers your aftermarket genius and grows your business

We call it Aftermarket 360™