Parts Management Research Report 2018

Download a (free) copy of the Parts Management Research Report 2018 to learn:

  • What are the top challenges facing Parts & Service business leaders right now? (spoiler: it’s not sales!)

  • Which new technologies do Parts & Service business leaders think will impact them the most?

  • Where do Parts & Service businesses have the biggest capability gaps and room for improvement?

  • Which digital technologies (systems) are Parts & Service businesses using and implementing?

Over a decade ago, Servispart Consulting set out on a mission to provide aftermarket business leaders with the information and resources they most desperately needed, to fight off competition and grow their parts and service revenues.

In that time, customer behaviour has shifted dramatically but equipment industries and their aftermarket capabilities in particular have not kept pace. The result we see is commoditisation and falling profit margins!

But there is hope. Servispart’s Parts Management Survey explores the most pressing issues and challenges facing Parts & Service leaders today. This research report is our inaugural edition which we plan to update each year with the latest data and insights.

By comparing your company’s parts management practices to others in this report, you can start building an aftermarket business that is stronger, more competitive and growing faster.

We hope it provides you with the confidence to develop your Parts & Service business in 2019 and beyond.

What’s Inside


Chapter 1: Key Challenges

Chapter 2: Key Technology Threats

Chapter 3: Capability Improvement Areas

Chapter 4: Digital Technology (Systems)

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Parts Management Research Report 2018 by Servispart Consulting

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