Engaging Aftermarket Consultants

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  • How and why engaging aftermarket consultants can accelerate and de-risk your after-sales growth

  • Why management consultancies are not all the same and why specialist aftermarket consultants are better value for money

  • The 10 most important core values to consider when engaging aftermarket consultants

  • How to find and engage with the best equipped aftermarket consultants for your business, and more

Aftermarket is a complex area of business for engineered products and it takes a strong mix of problem-centred and industry-centred expertise to do it well. Each company needs a unique aftermarket strategy and capability development plan tailored to its own business goals. But going online to find a me-too aftermarket strategy to copy is useless, at best, and will destroy your profitability, at worst. Fortunately, there are aftermarket consultants out there that can help.

In this guide to engaging aftermarket consultants, we explain how management consultancies operate and how you can ensure you select and engage with the one best equipped to help your company.

What’s Inside


Section 1: Aftermarket’s Undeniable ROI

Section 2: The 10 Most Important Values to Consider

Section 3: Aftermarket Growth Acceleration

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Your Guide to Engaging Aftermarket Consultants

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