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Our hybrid business/system experts are on hand to advise and guide you through your most complex digital / ERP strategy changes and implementations.

We take the time to understand your existing digital systems / ERP, business needs and work effectively alongside your team.

Unlike others, we are hybrid business/systems specialists with deep expertise in specifying, procuring and implementing manufacturing and distribution applications like yours.


Diagnose issues and understand needs


Options, solution choice and business case


Support implementation of your solution


Strategic advice, recovery and health checks

Digital / ERP Strategy

Looking to define and analyse requirements for a new digital solution / ERP system?

Need help to identify and purchase the best ERP / planning system for your business?

Want some experienced expertise to help plan/manage the implementation?

Aftermarket systems improvement

Getting the right application systems for your business can be complicated, especially those involving new technology or functionality, integration with existing systems and/or cross-business teams, functions or organisations. ERP, MRP, CRM, FSM are notorious.

It’s a sad fact that 70% to 80% of all ERP projects/programmes fail to deliver on time, budget and quality. This statistic hasn’t changed in the last 30 years! Poor requirements definition, wrong ERP/system selection and bad management are common causes.

We have hybrid business/digital experts qualified in modern methodologies such as PRINCE2, MSP, APMP, etc. We manage digital transformations in a business-like manner to ensure you get the right solution, capable of delivering the expected business benefits.

Digital / ERP Transformation

Got a failing ERP/system implementation needing recovery or turnaround?

Need independent governance to assure delivery of your ERP/system implementation?

Want some experienced, qualified expertise to advise and guide your team?

Implementing a new ERP system is a business change programme, not a software development project. Unfortunately, most implementation leaders focus on project plans, reports and tasks as if they are projects, and forget about managing the changes associated with people.

Integration of your IT people, business teams, software suppliers, etc. won’t happen on its own. Stakeholder management, communication and benefit realisation are critical, but overlooked, which is why 70% to 80% of all systems changes fail.

We have hybrid business/digital experts qualified in modern methodologies such as PRINCE2, MSP, APMP, etc. We manage digital transformations in an integrated, people-centric manner to ensure delivery of the expected business benefits quickly and cost-effectively.

Change management TQC model

Quality & Assurance Health Checks

Need independent input to assure quality and provide more confidence?

Want a qualified second opinion on a digital transformation/change programme?

Would you like some experienced, qualified expertise to provide regular health checks?

Quality and assurance health checks for business and system change programmes

Quality and Assurance ensures everything is fit for purpose and on target to achieve your desired outcomes. Without it, your digital projects and programmes are more likely to fail.

While quality management is focused on doing the right things properly, assurance management is about providing confidence. Assurance therefore requires assessors that are independent of the programme and line management. It must also be integrated with the programme, linked to major decision points, risk based and driving follow-up action.

Our hybrid business/digital experts are qualified in quality and assurance methods and bring experience of assessing, advising and assuring delivery of digital systems projects and programmes for manufacturing and distribution companies like yours.

Why Work With Us?

You can have total confidence you will be delighted with our service and results we deliver, which will reflect positively on you. But don’t just take our word for it…

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Our team combines strategy, change and systems expertise from the functional disciplines of sales, marketing, operations, procurement and logistics to give a practical edge and holistic approach to our advice and solutions.


Unlike many other consultancies, we are independently owned and not tied to any software, system or third party service providers either. All our advice is intentionally unbiased, commercially sound and in your best interests (rather than ours).


It’s tough at the top. We know because we’ve been there and operate at your peer level. You just want the facts and the truth so you can deal with it. That’s why we are open, honest and straight-talking.


We understand it is your business, not ours. We advise but you make the decisions. We work with you, at your pace, to develop workable strategies and solutions and help you implement them to deliver the expected benefits.

Advice on its own is useless. Strategies and solutions aren’t much better. Only implementing actions delivers benefits.

That’s why we don’t just sell you advice and disappear. We work with you to deliver end results.

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