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The Servitised Economy Impacts Defence Logistics

Military expectations have changed for ever. In-Service providers must change too or risk extinction.

While world peace doesn’t look like it will happen any time soon, Government defence spending continues to reduce. Today’s defence leaders (Government and industry) therefore face constant pressure to cut costs while delivering technological advancement in operational capability. It’s a challenge for which failure is obviously not an option.

In the servitised economy, military customers need guaranteed outcomes, agile capability and dependable performance, when and where they need it, without the burden of ownership such as high capital expenditure, maintenance, downtime or obsolescence risks.

How well do you really understand your end-customer’s needs? Are your availability contracting and through-life support capabilities up to the challenge or are you at risk of extinction?

Servispart Consulting - defence logistics consultants working with the Defence Industry

Availability contracting and in-service support is separating winners from losers

It’s Time To Put Your Defence Logistics First

In-service logistics capability is the new battleground for defence manufacturers.

Defence aircraft maintenance

You can’t run a defence logistics service business with systems, processes and organisations designed and built for the last century. Product manufacturing businesses were never designed for modern in-service complexity, through-life capability management or availability contracting.

Defence has thousands of specialist high-value, low volume parts; repairable/rotable repair loops; long equipment support life-cycles; unpredictable demands; obsolescence risks and complex performance-based service contracts, etc.

Satisfying defence customers needing value for money, 100% equipment availability and a global, agile service experience is challenging. It requires innovative business processes, systems, people and service partners across your global, end to end, in-service support chain.

You can accomplish a lot more with defence consultants than you can alone

How Defence Consultants Can Help You

Winning in the servitisation economy requires investment in your aftermarket capability.

At Servispart Consulting, our defence consultants pioneered in-service support excellence and availability contracting in the defence industry. Over the last 25 years, we have worked with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and a wide variety of private companies in the defence sector.

Our experience spans fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, submarines, surface ships, armoured a-vehicles, wheeled b-vehicles, off-road c-vehicles, guided weapons, general munitions, hi-tech electronic and information systems, Contractor Logistics Support (CLS), Facilities Management (FM) and availability services (consumables, repairables, rotables, systems and platforms).

What if you could leverage our defence logistics expertise and availability contracting experience? How might you, your staff, customers and shareholders benefit from us working together? What could we deliver together that your competitors can’t?

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