The Servitised Economy Impacts Automotive Aftermarket

Customer expectations have changed for ever. Manufacturers must change too or risk extinction.

The automotive aftermarket is the largest, most fragmented and most complex of all aftermarket industry sectors. New technologies, customer diversification, more vehicle types and shorter development cycles increases aftermarket complexity, service diversity and global support costs. Today’s automotive leaders face a growing challenge to stay on top.

In the servitised economy, customers want guaranteed outcomes, capability and service performance, when and where they want it, without the burden of ownership such as capital expenditure, maintenance, downtime or obsolescence risks.

How well do you really understand your customer’s needs? Are your business model and aftermarket / aftersales capabilities up to the challenge or are you at risk of extinction?

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Servitisation and aftermarket capability is separating the winners from the losers

It’s Time To Put Your Automotive Aftermarket First

Aftermarket / aftersales capability is the new battleground for automotive manufacturers.

Aftermarket / Aftersales Business Management Consultants

You can’t run an aftermarket business with systems, processes and organisations that were designed and built for the last century. Product manufacturing businesses were never designed for aftermarket complexity, long-term relationship management or servitised business models.

Compared with manufacturing, the automotive aftermarket has 10x to 20x as many part numbers; much longer life-cycles; global warehousing and service networks; complex demand forecasting, inventory planning and logistics networks; many more pricing scenarios, etc.

In this environment, satisfying automotive aftermarket / aftersales customers who demand a more immediate, localised, personal service experience is challenging. It requires rethinking, reconfiguration and reintegration of business processes, systems, people and service partners across your global, end to end, aftermarket support chain.

You can accomplish a lot more with automotive consultants than you can alone

How Automotive Aftermarket Consultants Can Help You

Winning in the servitisation economy requires investment in your aftermarket capability.

At Servispart Consulting, our automotive consultants are pioneering the science of aftermarket excellence and servitisation in the automotive industry. Over the last three decades, our specialists have worked with a wide variety of Vehicle Manufacturers (VM); parts manufacturers; aftermarket service, logistics and information system providers in the automotive sector.

Our experience also spans multiple equipment manufacturing industries and aftermarket support sub-sectors of the automotive industry including passenger cars, commercial trucks, vans, buses, off-road vehicles, military vehicles, specialist vehicles and motorcycles.

What if you could leverage our automotive aftermarket expertise and experience? How might you, your staff, customers and shareholders benefit from us working together? What could we deliver together that your competitors can’t?

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