At Servispart Consulting, we understand that the manufacturing industry for engineered parts and equipment is extremely diverse, cutting across multiple VERTICAL PRODUCT or INDUSTRY sectors:


Aftermarket Service Parts Industry by vertical product segment


Looking at it another way, aftermarket support services can be considered in terms of HORIZONTAL SERVICE CHAIN constituents, with each PRODUCT / INDUSTRY vertical containing several, if not all of these, depending on the scale and maturity of the sector in question:


Aftermarket service parts industry by horizontal service chain constituent


While such industry sectors and service chain constituents may be served by other consulting firms, Servispart Consulting is probably alone in recognising the shared problem characteristics that pertain to service parts and service/support aftermarkets within and across these sectors/constituents.

Furthermore, we fully understand that such problems are distinct from the more generic manufacturing or retailing problems addressed by other consulting firms.

Simply put, if you want the best help for your aftermarket business, then you need an aftermarket specialist to help you.

Whether you need a new business process; computer system; organisation design, servitisation strategy or a complete service transformation; it is specialist knowledge of aftermarket parts and services and proven experience of defining, developing and implementing aftermarket solutions within your industry sector that are the critical factors determining the amount of investment return for your business and the ultimate success or failure of your programme or project.

If you have a challenge in your aftermarket business then Servispart Consulting can help you.

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