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Servispart Consulting Partsman

At the Servispart Research Institute, we conduct and publish independent, pioneering aftermarket industry research that is available nowhere else. The Institute is dedicated to achieving two goals:

1. Uncovering the competitive challenges and winning strategies of high-growth aftermarket businesses; and

2. Providing OEMs and parts companies with the data and insights they need to better understand, serve and benefit from the aftermarket industry.

Some of the ways you can team up with us to get the insights you need to prosper and grow:

  • Conduct joint research on aftermarket industry trends, behaviours and challenges;

  • Sponsor upcoming research at different levels;

  • Participate in research surveys, interviews, etc.

  • Collaborate on thought leadership projects (white papers, webinars, podcasts, and more);

  • Leverage our strategic advisory services to turn research and insights into action and results.

Some of the organisations we’ve worked with:

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Over the past three decades, we’ve studied hundreds of companies, experts, leaders and decision-makers operating in the aftermarket industry. Nobody else is as dedicated to this depth of aftermarket research (or has been doing it as long). We also make many of our findings freely available to the aftermarket parts and service community.

Download these free publications:

Parts Management Research Report 2018
Rethinking Manufacturing White Paper - Original Research by Servispart Consulting

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