The Servitised Economy Is Here

Customer buying behaviour has changed for ever. Manufacturers must change too or risk extinction.

In the servitised economy, customers want guaranteed outcomes, capability and performance, when and where they want it, without the burden of ownership such as capital expenditure, maintenance, downtime or obsolescence risks.

Today’s tweet, like and swipe left/right generation expect personalised business relationships with immediate fulfilment. Unhappy customers expect to switch easily to an alternative provider. Earning their loyalty requires you to deliver ongoing value and memorable experiences that hook them emotionally and make them feel special. Not just at the transactional point of product sale, but throughout their entire “relationship” lifecycle.

How well do you really understand your customer’s needs? Are your business model and aftermarket / aftersales capabilities up to the challenge?

Aftermarket / Aftersales Business Management Consultants

Servitisation and aftermarket capability is separating the winners from the losers

It’s Time To Put Your Aftermarket First

Aftermarket / aftersales capability is the new battleground for manufacturers.

Accomplish more with an aftermarket / aftersales consulting partner

At Servispart Consulting, we are pioneering the science of aftermarket excellence and servitisation in the manufacturing and equipment support industry. Over the last three decades, our aftermarket specialists have been intrinsic in developing some of the largest and most successful aftermarket programmes in the UK, USA, Middle East, Australia and beyond.

Our experience and contact network spans multiple engineering sectors including automotive, aerospace, defence, industrial, marine, electronics, appliances, plus others.

What if you could leverage our aftermarket expertise and experience? How might your customers benefit from us working together? What could we deliver together that your competitors can’t? Our continuous innovation and thought leadership makes us a natural fit and rewarding aftermarket consulting partner for like-minded people like you.

You can accomplish a lot more with an aftermarket consulting partner than you can alone

How We Can Help You

Winning in the servitisation economy requires investment in your aftermarket capability.

Since the late 1990’s, companies have invested millions into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, for example, to support manufacturing, production planning, stock management, accounting, sales support, etc.

But general systems like ERP and CRM were never designed for aftermarket complexity, long-term relationship management or servitised business models. You need specialist systems.

Service parts management, asset lifecycle management, field service management and performance-based relationship management for aftermarket / aftersales customers who demand a more immediate, localised, personal service experience is challenging. It requires rethinking, reconfiguration and reintegration of business processes, systems, people and service partners across your global, end to end, aftermarket support chain.

Aftermarket / aftersales business strategy consulting

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