Bringing Unique, Innovative Aftermarket Solutions

That Yield Tangible Results In Weeks, Not Years!

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The advantages of working with Servispart Consulting are clear:

  1. We are experienced professionals in improving aftermarket businesses and that is our focus. We are best known for our work in Automotive, Aerospace and Defence sectors, although we have worked in Marine, Industrial, Hi-Tech Electronics and Appliance sectors too.

  2. We operate a modern, low-cost operating model, which means that our fees don’t need inflating to support overheads such as admin teams, lavish offices, or multiple layers of partners and management that bill to your engagement without contributing. Our consulting fees are competitive and better value for money, which means you generate greater return on your investment.

  3. We only employ senior consultants with many years of consulting experience and professional qualifications from chartered professional institutes. Other consultancies improve their profit margins by employing inexperienced graduates and outsourcing analysis work to overseas low-cost economies but, for some reason, you won’t see that mentioned in their marketing!

  4. We staff our client engagement teams with exactly the right number and type of consultants to bring the right mix of problem experience, industry experience and leadership skills to your challenge. This enables us to understand your business situation faster, engage management stakeholders more effectively and appreciate any client sensitivities more fully, all of which generates better ROI for you.

  5. We take great care to apply the right consulting techniques, frameworks and methodologies to your aftermarket challenges. Any consultant doing otherwise and forcing square manufacturing solutions into round aftermarket holes is playing fast and loose with your livelihood and that of your customers and is giving the consultancy profession a bad name. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and will always be clear about what we know or don’t know.

  6. We deliver practical strategies, realistic action plans and workable solutions and always involve you and your team in their development so that you feel comfortable owning them after we’ve gone. Yes, we can talk fancy consulting language if that’s what turns you on, but we are equally comfortable talking in simple English that all employees at all levels of your business can understand.

  7. We can review, analyse, diagnose, plan and write reports like all good management consultants but we don’t have to stop there if you don’t want us to. We are equally comfortable helping you develop and implement solutions, projects and business change programmes too. In so doing, we add practical implementation experience and independence to your relationships with all parties.

  8. We believe in being fair in all of our dealings and that includes the way we do business commercially. All of our contracts are fit-for-purpose commercial arrangements and include shared risk/reward that is fair to all parties. Any prospective client who tries using unfair leverage and commercial tactics with us, just because they think they can, will quickly learn that they can’ t and will end up shopping elsewhere. Unfair marriages never work – personal or business!

  9. We value long-term relationships and will not knowingly entertain any kind of activity that puts our relationship with you at risk. We can’t promise to get everything right all the time but we do promise to do our best for you and act in your best interests as best we can. If we get anything wrong, we will be quick to apologise and will do whatever we need to do to put things right again.

  10. We have been working with manufacturers and their aftermarket businesses for three decades or so. Throughout that time, we have worked with many consultancies, software providers, logistics providers, clients and colleagues. We now have an enviable network of aftermarket contacts we can call on, which means that if we can’t solve your aftermarket challenge, we probably know someone who can and we’ll be happy to introduce you to each other.