Aftermarket / Aftersales Consulting for Manufacturers

As manufacturing globalisation continues to shrink product margins, it’s not surprising that aftermarket / aftersales service growth is the new battleground for manufacturers. But providing spare parts and services to aftersales customers demanding a more immediate, localised, personal service experience is challenging. It requires solid integration of business processes, system platforms, people and service partners across your end to end aftermarket support chain.

So ask yourself:

  • Is your aftersales organisation capable of succeeding in a highly competitive, technology-centred, global environment?

  • Are your aftermarket processes and systems advanced enough to outcompete your rivals and stay ahead?

  • Do you have the strategies, methods and governance to grow your aftermarket operation and keep yourself honest?

How We Can Help You

Our aftermarket consultants have enabled a wide range of manufacturing clients to introduce aftermarket innovation that not only reduces costs but delivers enhanced capability, stronger competitiveness and sustainable business growth.  Here are just a few ways we can help:

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Our Aftermarket Experience:

Servispart Consulting has experience of working with a wide variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), parts manufacturers, aftermarket service providers, logistics providers and information services companies in the manufacturing sector.

Our experience also spans multiple equipment manufacturing and support sub-sectors including automotive, aerospace, defence, marine, hi-tech electronics, industrial and home appliances.

Some examples of our aftermarket experience and the key benefits we’ve delivered include:

  • Reduced parts backorders by 42% and internally manufactured assembly backlog by 43% for a specialist vehicle manufacturer by leaning their end-to-end aftermarket process and improving parts planning, inbound logistics, quality assurance, supplier improvement, engineering, purchasing and commercial capabilities;

  • Improved the business winning capability of a Defence armoured vehicle manufacturer to help them win an unlikely extension on their Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) spares availability contract with UK Ministry of Defence (MoD);

  • Specified, identified and selected a replacement demand/inventory planning system for the aftermarket operations of various manufacturers and third party aftermarket service providers;

  • Strategy development for a business consortium’s £1.5 billion logistics outsourcing contract bid including win themes, strategic synergy benefits and case studies for aerospace, maritime, automotive and industrial sector solutions;

  • Sales increase of £10 million per annum and profit increase of £1.5 million per annum for an aftermarket service provider whilst delivering an 89% inventory reduction; 90% service lead time reduction; 33% cost reduction and increase in spares availability from 83% to 99% in just six months for it’s public sector customer;

  • Development of a supply chain solution for inclusion in a £1 billion aircraft availability contract bid including solution design, bid proposal submission, recruitment and implementation of a new supply chain management team/organisation to deliver the successful contract;

  • Design of a new organisation structure for a business unit closure and safe transfer of 180 people without business disruption, redundancies or union issues;

  • Capability assessment of an OEM’s incumbent logistics services provider to meet the growing needs of its business and avoid the cost/delay involved in a traditional procurement exercise;

  • Development of a marketing plan for an aftermarket services provider to enter the Defence sector including market research, strategic options, target market segments, positioning, pricing, competitor analysis, business development organisation/resources;

  • Development of a Joint Venture (JV) partnership of two service providers including commercial collaboration agreement, value proposition and solution design to accompany their joint bid for an inventory management services/system contract.

Our Success Stories

If your manufacturing business operates an aftermarket / aftersales operation or you’re looking to establish one then Servispart Consulting can help you improve, develop and grow it.

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