Consulting for Aerospace Clients

Rapid growth in air traffic is set to double again in the next 15 years, with 29,000+ new aircraft required by 2032.  Prospects for aerospace equipment manufacturers and their parts supply chains look excellent.  But with airlines under constant pressure to compete on price and many new airports springing up in lower cost emerging markets, today’s aerospace leaders face a challenge to cut their cost base, while investing in more capacity and finding innovative ways to meet evolving customer service needs.

So ask yourself:

  • Is your aftermarket organisation capable of succeeding in this fast growing, service-centred, global environment?

  • Is your aftermarket capability advanced enough to outcompete larger, lower cost, overseas rivals and stay ahead?

  • Do you have the strategies, methods and governance to servitise your business successfully and capture your fair share of the new service opportunities before someone else does?

How We Can Help You

Our aerospace consultants have enabled a wide range of aerospace clients to introduce aftermarket innovation that not only reduces costs but delivers an enhanced customer service experience, stronger competitiveness and sustainable business growth.  Here are just a few ways we can help:

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Our Aerospace Experience:

Servispart Consulting has experience of working with a wide variety of aerospace equipment and parts manufacturers, including some of the major primes.  Our experience also spans multiple manufacturing and support sub-sectors of the Aerospace industry including fixed wing aircraft, rotary wing helicopters, aircraft engines, avionics, unmanned aerial drones and specialist airborne military equipment.

Some examples of our aerospace experience and the key benefits we’ve delivered include:

  • Strategy development for an aerospace consortium’s £1.5 billion contract bid including win themes, strategic synergy benefits and case studies for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft;

  • Defined, sourced and implemented a new system for demand forecasting, inventory management and material requirements planning to deliver inventory savings and increase service parts availability for a parts manufacturer/distributor;

  • Developed a capability model and associated governance processes to enable a new air maintenance organisation to achieve maintenance authority status;

  • Developed an innovative supply chain solution to enable an aircraft manufacturer to win a £1 billion aircraft availability contract and save circa £200 million for its customer;

  • Designed and implemented a new parts cataloguing solution to improve parts interpretation, reduce catalogue maintenance costs and reduce parts obsolescence;

  • Devised a strategy for an aircraft and equipment Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) organisation to move to spares inclusive contracting thus enabling increased sales, profits and enhancing commercial competitiveness.

If your business operates in the aerospace aftermarket sector or is expanding into it then Servispart Consulting can help you.

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